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Cooked to Perfection

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Fresh & Innovative

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Local Ingredients

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Meet The Crew

Kevin Holt

Chef & Owner
Founder of Master Chef Mobile Grill started very early in the culinary arts 40 years ago in a small diner cafe. Worked my way up & learned my way around a kitchen since my early start. I’ve sold + catered food all around Metro Detroit. My team and I promise to bring Fresh + Tasty dishes, Polite and Friendly service, professionalism at it’s best.

Monique Neal

Executive Chef
Monique Neal came from humble beginnings. Being raised by a group of women. I spent a lot of time in the kitchen. From my grandmother, who’s from Mississippi, or in the kitchen with my mother since I’m the oldest out of the two. That’s where I developed a love for cooking, it gives me great pleasure in working Detroit Public School Food Service, also catering food for FedEx grounds in Oak Park, MI. I was inspired by how food can tell a story and convey cultural ideas, as well as how it brings people together.

Shamisha Williams

Chef de partie
Shamisha got her culinary experience running the largest produce department in the state, and catering, cooking for the church.

Michelle Alford

Patisserie Chef
Hi my name is Michelle Alford. I’m 41 young. Born & raised right here in Detroit. I got my passion for cooking watching my Granny prepare meals for the family in middle school. I started dabbling in baking in my early 20’s working at Farmer Jack’s. I learned the art of cake decorating. I love making delicious deserts and beautiful cakes that make people happy.
Miles Travelled
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A Taste of Our Menu

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